Scientific Writing and Publishing Workshop

Your Hosts

Howard Browman

Howard Browman has published >160 research articles, book chapters and edited volumes on a wide range of topics in marine and fisheries science. He also has extensive experience in scientific publishing and journal editing. He has been, for example, Associate Editor-in-Chief of Marine Ecology Progress Series, Editor-in-Chief of Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, Science Editor for Fisheries, Section Editor (Marine Ecology) for PLOS ONE, Subject Editor for Nature Scientific Reports, and he is currently Editor-in-Chief of ICES Journal of Marine Science. In addition, Howard has been a member of the Council of Science Editors‘s Editorial Policy Committee for many years and is a member of the Council and the Trustee Board of the Committee on Publication Ethics.

Jan Pechenik

Professor Pechenik is a marine biologist-ecologist at Tufts University in Massachusetts, USA and the author of A Short Guide to Writing About Biology (now in its 9th edition, Pearson), The Biology of Invertebrates (now in its 7th edition) and The Readable Darwin (The Origin of Species Edited for Modern Readers, Oxford University Press). He has authored about 150 research articles, and has been leading workshops on scientific writing for several decades. He also directed the Writing Across the Curriculum program at Tufts University from 1998-2001 and from 2005-2008.

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